Purchasing a home involves more than simply a mortgage and an offering price. Buyers have the power to negotiate repairs, appliances, and even cold, hard cash as part of the closing offer. Every real estate market has different standards, so buyers need to understand their area’s rules.




First-time homeowners moving from an apartment may not have their own refrigerator or washing machine. Appliances can easily be included in the negotiations. Buyers benefit by having one less major purchase on their to-do list, and sellers often don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving large appliances out of the home.


Cash at Closing


Buying a home requires an up-front investment. Between the down payment, home inspection fees, and purchases of new furniture or home repairs, buyers may find themselves with limited cash at hand. According to Forbes.com, one of the most common areas of negotiation is cash at closing. Sellers can give several thousand dollars directly to buyers as part of the closing process. Sometimes, cash at closing is provided in exchange for not making certain repairs, with the understanding that the cash will be used for the buyer to hire contractors. For older homes that need lots of love, sellers may prefer to simply give cash to the buyer instead of dealing with a mountain of repairs.


Insurance, Taxes, and Warranties


To sweeten a deal, a seller may be willing to pay for the home’s taxes or future insurance premiums. Because the seller can make monthly or quarterly payments, this option may be more attractive than cash at closing. However, this option is rarely available in a seller’s market and may be off-putting to a seller, so buyers should take care before asking for this item.


Expensive or Exotic Items


A seller might offer original artwork commissioned for the property or want to include custom lighting or furniture pieces. Buyers may not value these items as highly as sellers, so it may be worth trying to haggle down the price increase.

According to Entrepeneur.com, the best way to negotiate on a home purchase is with an experienced agent. With a strong negotiating ability, almost anything can be included as part of buying a home.